Friday, June 10, 2005

God's Love - In Quilts

There is an exhibit of quilts touring the country and currently on display at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. The quilts were made by the women of Gees Bend, Alabama - descendants of slaves who sweated their lives away picking cotton.

In honor of their ancestors hardships, the women create quilts made of cotton cloth. Described as "extraordinary," according to an article in the Christian Science Monitor, their quilting " now heralded as an indigenous art form on a par with jazz."

These are spiritual women who - although they never had much materially - are not big on criticizing the world, acting like victims or holding resentments. Instead, they pray and focus on their creativity and their friendships. As a result their quilting is bringing them blessings beyond their imagining.

What a wonderful example they are to us, urging us to be aware of social injustice and seek spiritual solutions instead of blaming. They have demonstrated, beautifully, how - when we align with God's love - God will manifest the creativity and love within us as gifts to both ourselves and the world.

May this inspire you to let your own light shine.


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