Sunday, June 19, 2005

Touching the Face of God

Beloved -

We live, today, in a privileged era.

We reside in a space and time in which science is about to touch the face of God.

Through the study of quantum physics, science has reached a breakthrough point. If we are willing to see it, in the next few years scientists will be able to provide us with a scientific explanation of the guiding principles of creation.

Scientists have discovered the smallest units that comprise the material world. They cannot be seen and, in fact, they take up no space.

These "packets of energy" are called by different names depending upon the country in which a physicist works and who finances the research.

In the U.S. these building blocks of existence are called "neutrinos" by some and "quarks" by others.

No matter what they are called, this "non-matter" is the stuff of which everything else - including you and me - is made. Proving that it exists gives credence to what mystics and saints have talked about for millennia: non-form changes into form. God becomes manifest.

Everything is God, dear one, and science is about to prove it. Do not fear this, for it will have the potential to usher in a golden age in human affairs.

Once physicists prove that we are, literally, many manifestations of One God, many false arguments that separate us can cease:

Arguments over whether God does or does not exist can cease.

Arguments that are brought against the value of science and the scientific method can be abandoned as we see that, yes, scientists are manifesting the work of God, too.

Most important of all, scientists will be able to finally explain why it is that whatever you focus on increases.

This is what's coming:

- proof of how God loves everyone and everything
- revelations that we are here to be administrators of God's love
- conclusions that whatever we focus on increases

With scientific evidence in our faces, it will be much more difficult for people to refuse to understand that we create more of what we fear by hating and create more of what we love by loving.

Jesus taught us that the purpose of life is to master love and compassion because God is love.

We have free will to love or hate, but if we want to flourish and be happy, we need to learn how to put egos and fears aside and choose the love of God.

If you want to live in a safer and more God oriented world, then cultivate the love of God that waits - in your heart - to be activated toward yourself and others.

It is the only way to get what you really want.


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