Monday, July 25, 2005

Focus On Gratitude

It has become a cliche that we are like the Fisherman's Wife.

Instead of being grateful and happy for what we have, we grouse in discontent and long for more.

Beloved, when we express such discontent, by the power of spiritual laws, we are actually asking for more discontent.

For every thought we think is a type of prayer.

Every thought we think vibrates the Quantum Field - God's way of making things happen - which will result in a corresponding result.

If we express sincere gratitude for the good in our lives, that good - over time - will increase.

If we grouse and complain and ignore all the blessings in our lives then - over time - we will discover we have fewer blessings and more that displeases us.

Would it not be a tragedy to find, when we stand before God, that we created most of the misery in our lives by focusing on the negative instead of training our minds to be grateful for the positive?

We have so much to be grateful for. Every day is the chance for a new beginning. Every day is an opportunity to create a new life based upon God's word and expressions of gratitude.

No matter what the sorrows in your life, I ask you, today, to forgive them.

Do not dwell on them or hold resentment against God, life, yourself or any other person for them.

Instead, set aside time to consider your blessings. Give thanks to God for them and realize that, by doing so, you are setting God's power in motion to bless you further.

Remember Jesus words in Mark 11:26:

...if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive...


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