Monday, July 24, 2006

A Prayer For The Unexpected

Do you fear the unexpected?

Are you always waiting for "the other shoe to drop?"

You can't be blamed. After all, so much of what is unexpected turns out to be negative.

For instance, look at the bombing of Lebanon. Three weeks ago that was entirely unexpected. Likewise the difficulty and blocks in evacuating people quickly was unexpected. For evacuees, boarding ships without food or water or bathrooms was an unexpected and distressing shock.

Yet, to the millions of refugees for whom these kinds of conditions have been normal - people fleeing violence and starvation in Africa, for instance - and especially for children born in refugee camps (and some who live in garbage dumps) - these kind of living conditions are what they expect.

Since we in the West do not expect to be threatened with bombs (or do we, now post 9/11?), hunger, thirst, inconvenience or callousness on the part of government officials about our welfare, it would be fascinating to talk with people recently evacuated to find out what their fears were about traveling, unexpected events and Israel.

Have they felt a great deal of empathy for those displaced around the world? Were they feeling guilty about our comfortable way of life?

Perhaps and, if so, it would make sense that feelings of guilt - or a desire to understand, viscerally, what being a refugee means - put them in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yet, the news seems to show that many of them are blaming others for their plight.

Of course that makes complete sense, as that is how we are used to perceiving the world. They didn't bomb anyone, they weren't involved in this conflict directly.

But, what they - and you and I - do not understand is that we all are part of it. Our beliefs, our fears, our angers, our complicit approval - or apathy - contributes to all injustice and conflict.

I applaud them all for being there and experiencing, first hand, what it's like to be in a war zone, and what it's like to glimpse what it is like to be a refugee, forced from your home with nothing but the clothes on your back.

They will bring their stories back.

God willing, we will all become more compassionate as a result.

It would be fascinating to talk to them and find out what caused each person's decision to go to Lebanon. What conspired within each person to send him or her this last month - as opposed to last year - to visit or vacation?

Whatever the answers - and they are specific to individuals - what has happened to them will forever color their beliefs about travel, about Israel, about what "the unexpected" means.

As Catherine Shainberg writes in Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming " perceiving your world, you create it," because "You make the world fit into the parameters of your...attractors."

In other words, whatever you expect the world to deliver to you - however you expect others to act - that's what you'll get.

Likewise, just as the outer world reflects the state of your inner world, your inner world is a reverse of the outer world.

So, what about us in our safe little ruts here in the West where we feel, even if we don't think it: Please God just keep everything the same, keep me safe?

Considering the change - and the unexpected - that is everywhere, wouldn't it be a good idea for us to affirm that any unexpected change winds up being a positive event for us rather than a negative event?

Yet if we fear the unexpected, it's likely that anything unexpected will be negative.

Therefore, to have more positive experiences we must either change the world or change ourselves.

Which do you think you can do easier?

People keep trying to change the world.

But, unless you have an army and billions of dollars, you cannot impose your will on the world. And even with an army and money your hold will be temporary, especially if you are acting out of selfishness, fear or ignorance.

We can't change the world - not permanently - without changing ourselves.

Only through changing ourselves can we attract what we want - as opposed to what we don't want.

Bear in mind, also, that God blesses only equal contracts. If you try to change yourself so you can use, abuse and exploit others for your own financial benefit, it won't last. Just as Ken Lay lost Enron, so must all injustices be eventually undone.

So if you fear the unexpected, consider a different approach.

Try welcoming the unexpected.

Here's a prayer to get you started:

I Am Open To The Unexpected

Dear God,

I open to the unexpected.
I appreciate the joyously unrehearsed.

In the presence of my family
and in the solitary time I take for rejuvenation,
I see the world with new eyes as I am:

Enraptured by the fragile wings of a butterfly
Engrossed in a book that speaks to my heart;

Lost in tracing silver veins in a maple leaf
Shined upon by the smile of a stranger;

Delighted by the phrasing of a child
Hugged by a friend;

Inspired to jot down an idea
Amazed by a personal discovery;

Freed to create, write, paint, sculpt
Given a message I needed, through a stranger;

Filled with the immense gratitude that creates miracles
Guided to make someone's day more beautiful;

Deeply pleased by the sweetness of my spouse
Invigorated by exercise or activity;

Or awakened to pray for the world.

I am open to the unexpected.

And so it is.


from Prayerforce: 365 Days To A New Life
Thou hast shewed thy people hard things: thou hast made us to drink the wine of astonishment. Psalms 60:3


At 10/20/2009 5:06 AM, Blogger frank said...

Our Forefathers founded our country on God. They made A land so great that A Cristhian could have the will to live a bold Steadfast Life In Crist, without a fear of being pursecuted or to become a mardure for his Rightious path... A Land were Intire family's could safely prase and worship The True Lord Jesus Christ.Now the very same men who we are suposed to Trust and fallow have made a seperation of Church and State. The very thing that Our Forfathers "Great Godfearing men that they were." Risked their own Lives for... Just come and Take that from us, That what I Feel is a Birthright! Why not just take Away the dollar too, "Just for the Fact that it has in god we trust on it!" And feed us some lie how we will get more money out of a one world curency? This maybe true, yet the is that our treasure is not of this earth it wont inflate or burn;. Our Lot is of HEAVEN this is FOREVER and far greater then any matiral here! So to all those who worship not in the FATHER, SON, AND THE HOLLY GHOST... Yet stay in one selfrightious mind or a groop I.E.:(Skull & Bones, 33 deg., Freemason's, masonic temple, and yes let us not forget The largest growing evil or them all The Collective Consciousness let it be know! your rules and leaders your spiritual advisiors are all being lead around by the 12 fallon angels and the dark prince who's name we shall not utter because it's very meaning is blasphime! Yes Iam Telling you all they are Deamons! they are what you dont see, they polute your minds with earthly values. In hope that you will never pay attenshion to the Signs, the writings on the papers and T.V.'s so that all can see and fallow the way to the mark of the beast.. know this the time is olny with three years.. No man will know the exact day and the hour of this disaster, however the year was laid out for the world to see.. Our Lord spent three days in death... To God one day is one thousand of our years.... thier for I belive that his three thousand year slumber will end in 2012, and yet I still caried the faith of the words that when I heard them I felt them as if they had been Chissled into my heart. Seek and You Shall Find Ask and You Shall Recive.; All Things Are Posibale In The Lord Jesus Crist.; So I continued to ask and seek and was dillingently seeking the head of god. it came to me that if instead of being aginst the Lord in visual meditent Prayer Faith filled Knowing we seek with the Eyes, and keeping you collectiveness in this groop in stead of being in the Lords Maid "The True Church Of The Living God" for he is A Jeliouse God, A Vengeful God; , Who Is for his own. those who are for us cant be aginst us and those who are aginst us cant be for us! Give all Glory onto him and his name, not some group that sprouts up from man. If we all come to him as Children and Pray that on that day of Devistaion, let it come in the winter.. otherwise we will feel the fire and have to see ungodly sites of torment by tortured souls who never truly fallowed their hearts and souls and what was their first love, but chase after the devil blindly... let the time come in the snow so that mercy is poured out over all.. thou I may not know the hour if theys words some how lead all to him and his promises of truth! That day shall Fall on Dec. 30 2012. in with all true keepers of days with out leapyears then all thouse who are not of the army of jehovia; Let the lord come in the liken as the Quicken and reap the ones who fall without blame in his eyes, One sowes; While the other Reaps! and then the meeks shall inhearit the earth. And the Battle shall be one At Home; and in my words; we all know God is Love and his home is his heavnly kingdom; Their for if Home is were the heart is; then To Me Heaven=Home :) and their we shall all sing in prayer; HOLLY, HOLLY, IS HE WHO IS KING OF KING'S, LORD OF LORD'S, HOST OF ALL HEAVENLY HOST'S! FOREVER HE REINS! FOREVER HE IS HOLLY! HALALLUA! AMEN!


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