Sunday, June 19, 2005

God Is Kindness and Mercy


God is love. Therefore, those of us who want to bring God into secular life have only only one option: to increasingly become conduits for what God is: Love.

Yet, we have many voices chiding us to hate in God's name.

But we are not fooled. Christ never advocates throwing stones at others and we know this. Therefore, let us cleanse ourselves of all temptation to hate.

Let us replace our fears with the Love of God that is urging us to practice kindness and mercy towards all.

Join with me in prayer now.

Dear God,

I live in a world that allows mystical experience
And depends upon intuition as much as logic.

I learn from a world that honors the teachings of Jesus Christ
And focuses on Healing rather than destroying.

I rejoice in a world that values women as much as men
And the feminine as much as the masculine.

I am loved in a world

- where women are cherished
- and men are appreciated.

I thrive in a world

- that rejoices in my triumphs
- and helps me get through my grief.

I contribute to a world

- that looks out for the well-being of people
- and makes a decision to live in cooperation and harmony.

Dear Lord, by Your Grace,
You help me, now, create this compassionate world.

I live in a world of love
Because I live in You.

And so it is.

©Prayerforce: 365 Days To A New Life


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