Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Blind Leading The Blind

I wish I could assure the sincere seeker that following God is easy.

It isn't.

Human beings are composed of light and soil. We contain the light, but we are growing out of darkness.

Our task is to continually recognize that there are two directions we can go. One leads to destruction and the other leads to healing.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture of death that celebrates violence, killing and revenge "against the bad guy" and which urges us on toward destruction.

Action heroes - who blow away scores of people "to save the day" - are extremely popular and have most of us wishing we were super human so we could dispatch our enemies quickly and surely.

These icons of violence have been filling our collective consciousness for decades, through film and television, and we have glorified them. We long to be like them and many feel frustrated, depressed and powerless because they are human and "can do nothing" against terrorism.

For we can see what a robo-cop with a gun can do, but it is not so obvious what "being peace" can do.

It is no wonder that talk of peace and "turning the other cheek" evokes insults from many. It is no wonder that so many think that the solution to violence and terror is more violence. And it is consistent with our culture that even the religious who feel they have found Jesus may think talk of actually following his teachings on non-violence or healing humanity through healing collective consciousness is "psychobabble."

Other than Gandhi's great triumph of freeing a nation through non-violent passive resistence, what proof do we have that collective non-violence works?

Until scientists discovered the workings of the Quantum Field, we had none.

But now we know that what we think effects the world around us at the subatomic level.

The Quantum Field brings back to us what we put in it.

That is what is meant by "as you sow, so shall you reap."

Yet many people are unaware of these findings. Many do not realize that science has virtually proved that everything Jesus taught has a basis in quantum physics.

Therefore, most of us remain blind to what is going on and are trying to solve age old problems of violence through the same old ways that have never - and can never - work.

This is the lesson that we have been taught by the killing in London of an innocent man who was mistaken as a terrorist. He ran out of fear and he was killed out of fear.

Fear took over and made the police blind.

As Jesus said in Luke 6:39: Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into the ditch?

And he was right. If we continue to focus on fear and then use violence as a means to stop violence, we are blind men destined to fall into a ditch and be buried.


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