Friday, June 24, 2005

We Are Connected

Why are we in the war in Iraq?

Why did we not immediately realize 9/11 signaled a spiritual crisis and a need to turn to God's loving kindness instead of weapons?

As much as we hear about God and Christianity today, it seems that the God many are embracing is an angry God; a vengeful God with a list of rules and a chip on His shoulder.

This is unfortunate for these good people are missing the point.

God is love. God is loving-kindness. God is not about revenge, exclusion, weaponry or war. God is not about justifying an "us vs. them" ideology.

In Voice of the Earth, Theodore Roszak discusses the loss of spirituality in modern culture. He maintains that "Our sense of being split off from an 'outer' world where we find no companionable response has everything to do with our obsessive need to conquer and subjugate."

The solution is to realize that we are not split off, but that we are an intrinsically valuable part of the whole and God responds to us 24/7.

We are not just connected to God, we are in God and, in fact, each of us is a part of God. God is listening to us and responding to us in every moment whether we are aware of it - whether we see His hand or hear His guidance - or not.

There is nothing we do that does not affect God and the web of humanity. As Deepak Chopra, M.D. states in Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, "There is no flicker of activity in any of your cells that goes unnoticed across the entire quantum field."

God is, literally, inside us and God's light forms our bodies.

We are told this, again and again, in the Bible. God is closer to us than our own breath. We are the vessels of the Living God.

When we realize this - instead of just mouthing the words - we will be empty of all desire for revenge or attack, for God is love and love is the opposite of attack.

Open yourself to this realization today, Beloved. For the sake of our children and the world, let your true nature - Love - take you over and wash you clean of all doubts and fear.

Surrender to It, exult in It and be grateful to It, for It is God.


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