Friday, August 05, 2005

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Part II

Today there are groups that call themselves Christian, yet encourage hate and divisiveness. They label others as enemies and themselves as "true believers."

Unfortunately, the term "wolf in sheep's clothing" fits them well.

Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about.

One of these groups has a wonderful title that claims it is for both religion and democracy. Yet when you read their website and philosophy, this group would appear to be for stamping out any version of religion or democracy that does not fit its member's definitions and dictates.

Groups like this appear to want to remove love out of Christ's message completely.

Yet they ensnare good and loving people using Christ's name and collect a lot of money to further an agenda against tolerance.

Let me give you one excerpt from one of these websites as it talks about how to write an effective fundraising letter: (italics are mine)

"The letter identifies obstacles that are blocking the strategy and enemies that are resisting it. And, in conclusion, it asks for the constituents' support to overcome those obstacles and defeat those enemies...All this is accomplished in a few pages of plain English."

"So, when friends passed the IRD copies of a recent National Council of Churches (NCC) fundraising letter, we were professionally interested to see how the council would practice the art of fundraising. How would General Secretary Bob Edgar define the NCC's mission? How would he explain its strategy? Whom would he identify as its enemies?"

Tell me Beloved, why is there a need to identify enemies?

Why is there a need to identify enemies on a Christian website?

Did Christ ever tell us to identify enemies?

I will discuss this more tomorrow.


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