Sunday, June 26, 2005

Christian Science Monitor Alert

The Christian Science Monitor has published a special report entitled Empire Builders which discusses the men who have created our government's policies in this new millennium and who are determining the fate of our lives and our nation.

Among these is Richard Perle, chief architect of the "creative destruction" agenda to reshape the Middle East, starting with the invasion of Iraq.

Another is Paul Wolfowitz who co-wrote with Lewis "Scooter" Libby the 1992 draft Defense Planning Guidance, which called for US military dominance over Eurasia and preemptive strikes against countries suspected of developing weapons of mass destruction. After being leaked to the media, the draft proved so shocking that it had to be substantially rewritten.

During an interview of Sy Hersh in October of 2004, the Pulitzer winning journalist - who exposed the Mai Lai massacres - characterized Mr. Wolfowitz as a Trotskyite in that Mr. Wolfowitz, like Leon Trotsky who was a Russian revolutionary and a father of communism, believes in the need for continuous, violent change.

Many of the principles of that draft became key points in the 2002 National Security Strategy of the United States and are being acted upon now.

Another is Elliot Abrams who, in 1991 pleaded guilty to withholding information from Congress about the Iran-Contra affair.

Another is Robert Kagan who in 1997 signed the famous 1998 PNAC letter sent to President Clinton urging that we invade Iraq and force a regime change.

Another is Michael Ledeen who is said to frequently advise George W. Bush's top adviser Karl Rove on foreign policy matters. Mr. Ledeen is one of the strongest voices today calling for regime change in Iran similar to what we did in Iraq.

Another is William Kristol who from the 1991 Gulf War on called for Saddam Hussein to be overthrown by the U.S.

Another is Frank Gaffney, Jr. who is the founder, president, and CEO of the influential Washington think tank Center for Security Policy, whose mission is "to promote world peace" through American dominance which includes pre-emptive - a pseudonym for unprovoked - attacks on other nations.

Beloved, God is love. And God is very clear on how we are to treat others - even people we know want to hurt us, much less those we only suspect want to hurt us.

If your enemy is hungry, feed him; If he is thirsty, give him drink; For in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head. - Romans 12:20; Proverbs 25:21-22

Dear one, invading countries and attacking others that have not attacked us will never make us - or you - safe. What our government has done runs counter to the God in you that gives you life.

The politicians who push for wars - no matter how they may "use the Lord's name in vain" by evoking it to justify what they are doing - are truly God-less.

Aligning with God and His immense, forgiveness and compassion is God's wish for you. Only aligning with that love for you - and for all people - will make you and me and our nation safe.

Align with God's love and you can always be in the right place at the right time. Align with God's love and you can reach a place where you need fear no one.

It takes courage and faith to achieve that kind of fearlessness, but that is true safety.

For your own sake, the sake of our children, our country and the world, please start affirming that you are aligned with God's unconditional love today.

God bless you.


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