Monday, June 27, 2005

Hate Turns Us Into The Enemy


Our Source/Creator thrust me into a situation today in order to show me - clearly - how hating turns a good person into an enemy of Christ's message.

A very good person - with the best intentions - angrily talked about her hate for certain politicians. She called them evil.

I'm sure a skilled film maker could have filmed her and turned the footage into a silly comedy.

For in-between saying "I hate..." and "I hate... he is so evil," she talked about her early religious training and her connections with the church as if her knowledge of religion gave her a basis on which to justify her hate.

I wish I could have laughed at the absurdity of her position, but I was far too surprised to do so.

I merely told her we would have to "agree to disagree" for I saw quickly that talking about God's love was pointless. She was not content to label behavior as evil, she wanted to label the people as well.

Deaf to the truth she wanted to convince me of the righteousness of her hate, unaware that in hating she is no better than those she condemns as being evil.

For when we hate, we are filled with evil.

Beloved, no one on this earth is perfect. Everyone has different ideas. Hating people - no matter what they have done - is never righteous. Although it is understandable to hate those who frighten or hurt us, we are not following Jesus Christ if we hate and then, instead of repenting, make excuses for continuing to hate.

This dear woman who is so afraid and outraged said she loves Jesus Christ. Yet she will not even attempt to surrender her hate on His behalf. She will not take one step toward forgiveness or compassion. She refuses to believe that by hating she contributes more hate in the world.

Jesus Christ sacrificed everything for us. Why would she not sacrifice her hate and fear for Him?

The answer is, of course, that it is far easier to hang on to fear and hate than it is to decide to give it up.

Hate and anger are addictive. They activate our fight or flight response. Truly, giving up hate and anger is as difficult for the fearful as giving up alcohol is for the alcoholic. She is addicted and she likes those feelings.

Yet, we are here to learn unconditional love. And it is a required course. Therefore, accepting Christ does not mean parroting His words while we hate those we fear. Accepting Christ means we vow we will look at how Christ lived His life and we will emulate it no matter what it takes.

When we find we have stumbled - and we will stumble because everyone does - then we start over again, vowing to love ourselves so well that we are empty of hate.

Vow to learn to love yourself and others that well, Beloved.

Christ is asking you to love unconditionally.

Will you deny Him?

Say "Yes" to Christ today.


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