Thursday, June 30, 2005

Get Enough Sleep

Are you kind to others, but hard on yourself?

When we consider compassion, we usually think about compassion toward others. But compassion toward others is only half of our lesson of love. We need to practice kindness toward ourselves also.

Many people force themselves to stay up when their bodies and eyes are craving sleep.

Create the intention today to begin to be kind to yourself and get an extra hour of sleep a night. Over time it will make a huge difference in how you feel and the service you can render.

Join me in the following prayer:

Dear God,

You grant me deep and restful sleep.

Whatever my thoughts or needs or goals
You take them all away when it is time for rest.

All tension leaves me.
All worries evaporate.

I let go completely
And I feel safe and secure.

My back is peaceful, relaxed and comfortable.
My heart slows down
My breathing is slow and steady.

My mind goes on a sweet vacation
As I visit You in the realms of angels.

My sleep rejuvenates my body
My sleep clears the cobwebs from my mind
My sleep calms my emotions
And my sleep allows me to pursue my authentic path.

I remember my dreams, if it is Your will
And use them as guidance in creating a better life.

I affirm that dreams are a tool to help me,
Not a nuisance that keeps me awake.

Thank You for a good night's sleep, Lord.

Sleep is a precious gift that restores me.

I get restful sleep.

And so it is.


From Prayerforce: 365 Days To A New Life


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