Friday, July 08, 2005

The Decision Is Yours

It is tempting, after the bombings in London yesterday, to give way to outrage and hate for those who tore London apart.

It is human to fear and loathe those who took the lives of loved ones, injured and traumatized so many.

They did not even have the courage of their "convictions" because, unlike the suicide bombers in Iraq, these cowards set timers on their bombs and ran to save their own lives.

We can give in to raging against them. We can give in to scenarios of how we would like to hurt them.

But it will not help us or those whose lives have been torn apart.

Today is a dividing line for each one of us.

Today is when each of us has a decision to make. Do we choose to fill our souls with hate and fear? Or do we do everything in our power to turn our hearts over to God so He can fill us with understanding of what we must do.

Because we must forgive.

This does not mean we wave this horror off or say there should be no consequences for those who did this.

No. They need to be found, jailed, brought to trial.

But realize they fear us. They fear us horribly. A man only wants to destroy those he loathes and he loathes out of fear and feelings of powerlessness.

Believe it or not people who feel utterly powerless turn to this kind of "ultimate power" to feel worthwhile.

We cannot afford to become like the enemy. God is very clear on how to defeat such enemies. The only - the real solution - is love.

You are part of God. You are powerful. Together, through love, we can change what we are seeing in the world today.

Are you willing to be part of this solution?

If so, turn your heart over to God today. Affirm that God cleanses you of hate and fear. Intend that you will not contribute to this terror which is oppressing our world.

Insist to God that you will be a force for peace, for forgiveness, for love.

Open yourself.

Do not let the terrorists turn you into a mental terrorist dreaming about torturing those who bombed London.

To heal the world of terrorists, none of us can be one - not even in the privacy of our own thoughts.

Remember Romans 12:20 - echoed in Proverbs 25:21-25:

If your enemy is hungry, feed him. If he is thirsty, give him drink; For in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head.

If you choose today to hate, you strengthen Al Quaeda.

If you choose today to learn forgiveness and love, you weaken the forces in this world that allow Al Quaeda to recruit bombers.

Every thought you think contributes one way or the other: to peace or violence.

For God's sake; for the sake of your children, for those people in London and all of us, get over your outrage.

Take a Whiffle bat, pin a picture of someone that represents these terrorists on a pillow, get on the floor with it and beat that pillow until you can beat it no more.

Purge your rage and then work - actively - through prayer and intention to defeat this enemy in the only way we can: through changing human collective consciousness.

Be love and you are the solution.

Decide that you will be love today.

Blessings and healing upon you -


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